Pour on the profit with Jägermeister.

Every one of your customers knows that the hottest shot in town is best served ice cold, and our Tap Machine will keep them coming back for more.

The Profit Calculator below will show you how quickly the machine can pay for itself. Many bar owners find that in as little as three bottles sold, the machine becomes a virtual money maker. This simple tool can also calculate the current profit of Jägermeister in your club or bar (amount sold, less cost of the bottle) and show you how much opportunity there is after introducing the Tap Machine. Research shows that the visibility of the machine will cause your overall Jägermeister sales to double, sometimes even triple.

The question is not "can we afford to", rather it should be "how can we afford not to?" If you're ready to pour on the profits, check out the calculator below!

Tap Machine Profit Calculator

Fill in the top boxes with your own numbers, the default numbers are estimates based on typical situations. For example purposes only.
Press "Calculate" to determine how many bottles of Jägermeister you need to sell to pay for your new Tap Machine.

Total Tap Machine Cost $
Your Cost Per 1 Liter Bottle $
Size of Shot in OZ $
Cost of shot $
Current # Bottles Sold Per Week $
# of Bottles to sell to Pay for Tap $
Current Weekly Jäger Profits $
New # Bottles Sold Per Week $

New Weekly Jäger Profit