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JEM Model Tap Machine

How big is the Tap Machine?

The JEM Model Tap Machine Dimensions are: 11"W x 15"D x 26"H (When loaded with 1 Liter bottles.)

How much power does the Tap Machine use?

During normal operation the JEM Model Tap Machine uses less power than 2 standard 100 Watt light bulbs. However, like most refrigeration equipment, the Tap Machine draws about double its normal power for a short time when starting.

Do I have to shut the Tap Machine off when not in use?

You may leave the Tap Machine on overnight like you would any refrigerator or freezer. You only need to shut down the Tap Machine when cleaning it or no using it for an extended period of time.

What else can I run through the Tap Machine besides Jägermeister?

Jägermeister is the only spirit on the market that responds well to the Tap Machine. We have found other spirits will freeze, clog the machine, and/or damage parts. The warranty strictly forbids using the Tap Machine to cool any other beverage.

Do I have to have 3 bottles in the Tap Machine at all times?

You do not need to fill all 3 bottle openings when using the Tap Machine. The JEM Model Tap Machine has a reservoir sensor that will turn off the refrigeration if the level of Jagermeister gets too low.

How do I clean the Tap Machine?

Turn off the Tap Machine and make sure to empty any remaining Jägermeister from the unit. With warm soapy water clean and dry the outside of the machine. Remove and clean the drip tray. As you remove the drip tray the air filter will be visible. Clean the filter and make sure it is dry before replacing. Fill the Tap Machine with clean warm water and use the tap handle to dispense the water. Do this until the water is clear. Remove all

I would like to buy or need service on a tap machine but I am not in the United States, where do I go?

This site is only for sales and service of Tap Machines purchased and used inside the United States. Canadian customers should visit and all other customers should visit the main Jägermeister international website at and/or contact your local Jägermeister distributor to inquire about Tap Machine availability. We are not allowed to ship or sell tap machines outside of the USA.

What if I have more questions?

View the Tap Specs or contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.