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Jägermeister Speed Pour

Jägermeister Speed Pour

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The creators of the iconic Jägermeister Tap Machine are proud to introduce the revolutionary new Jägermeister Speed Pour. Designed to allow two bartenders to pour ice-cold Jägermeister at once while driving impulse sales and ensure that every shot of the legendary herbal liqueur is served at its optimum ice-cold temperature. This innovative 2-bottle speed pour freezer seamlessly stacks above the Shot Glass Freezer (not shown) which chills up to 48 shot glasses. Jägermeister Speed Pour and Shot Glass Freezer (sold separately, not shown)

Like a Jägermeister Tap Machine the Jägermeister Speed Pour will promote impulse purchases and sell incremental cases

  • Energy efficient
  • Higher Visibility
  • Lighted LED etched glass door generates impulse
  • sales...Impulse sales generate more profit!
  • When stacked the shot glass freezer elevates the Jägermeister Speed Pour 9.5 inches
  • Unit Dimensions: 16.14"(L) x 11.81"(W) x 13.72"(H) Height with bottle display (22.34")
  • Shipper Dimensions: 21"(L) x 16.7"(W) x 17"(H)
  • Capacity: Freezer holds two 1 liter bottles Elevated display holds two 1 liter bottles
  • Power: 110vAC-72W
  • Consumption: 0.60kw.h /24hr
  • Net Weight : 31.31 lbs (unit only) / Gross Weight : 38.36lbs
  • Average Temp: 0° F

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